The Division 2 outlines its new Seasons endgame activities arriving with Warlords of New York


While a lot of the focus from The Division 2 has been about the content arriving with Warlords of New York, that’s not the only thing that’s making its way to the multiplayer shooter in March. There will also be a new form of endgame activity in the form of Seasons, which were detailed in a recent State of the Game livestream.

Seasons will run for 12 weeks and kick off at the end of the narrative for Warlords of New York. They take place in both NYC and DC, with weekly activities in both locations counting towards season progress. Each Season is 100 levels and should take about as much time to fully complete as it takes to unlock a Field Proficiency Cache.

Just what activities can players expect? There will be seasonal manhunts every three weeks, a week-long season event, and global events that add modifiers that can be activated and deactivated by players. The first of these global events will be Polarity, where players and enemies will have a visible positive or negative charge. Attacking foes with the same polarity will deal increased damage, and switching weapons, reloading, and melee-attacking enemies will change your polarity.

There are a number of rewards for taking part in Seasons, from a unique Skill Mod for completing a global manhunt to a variety of gear and arm patches. There’s a free track and a premium track that will cost $10, though the first Season will include the premium track in the Warlords of New York expansion.

That’s all due on March 3rd, but there’s a little something for everyone with a free weekend going on now, as well as a pair of free masks to everyone who logs in between now and March 8th.

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Bryan Cole

Wow…quite a lot of changes to a game I really enjoyed playing until the Black Tusk weekly reset turned me off months ago(something that is being fixed too :D). I’m excited for this year of Division 2. Now to figure out my gaming time between Lotro and this. Good problem to have, either way.

Kickstarter Donor

I just play Div 2 for the stories and missions. Don’t care about any of this crap. Hate being time cramped and restricted as well.

James Crow

games need to start making Seasons Reward as something you can do later.
lets say its now season 5 but you want season 1 rewards:
then you buy season one, leveling it up and get your rewards…

then if you want you buy season 5 and leveling it up.
it would be like seasons are dlc, you buy it its yours but get the content in your own time.

maybe if there is coins rewards (that you can buy the next season with) they can make only the coins as timed reward.

and about content, its one of the stupid things im seeing in game now, giving content to take it back – its like standing on the same spot everytime -> people want more content, content that they can play later on and not just for 1-3 months and poof

Bryan Cole

I agree with this. I like the stuff Seasons gives us, but our time to play varies every day, every year, as I’m sure others will agree. Having me lose out on season rewards if I haven’t finished it just because I have a job and a family is silly. Let me purchase the seasons when I’m ready and play them as I have the time. Options are always a good thing, hopefully these concerns come up enough for all game developers doing this season stuff to take note. This is why I like sub based games that open up all the content when I’M ready to do it, not the other way around. Fastest way to turn people off is to make them feel like they have to catch up all the time and also taking away content that we’ve paid for.

Danny Smith

god i hate the trend of seasonal crap so damn much. its always turning ingame rewards into a time based hostage situation making it feel like a second job rather than something you just play when you want to for fun, often with a greater focus on facilitating the cash shop than in game content.


Oh come on. I get they want people to play/ make people play but if every game is like this the present and future is bleak indeed.

Christopher Allcock

Sooo.. correct me if I’m wrong but this is basically how Destiny’s seasons work (and generally most battle passes) – It’s not a bad place to start, but I hope they have been taking notes from the Destiny community on how to do content/item relevance per season, as I hear it’s not going well for them over there


My understanding is that what isn’t working in destiny 2 is them having seasonal content that goes away, not so much cosmetics being time limited, but I’ve not paid too much attention to it so I could be wrong