Chronicles of Elyria just dropped a new mood and gameplay video

Oh boy oh boy.

Chronicles of Elyria has a new preview up for watchers of the Kickstarted, in-development MMO. Last last night, Soulbound Studios posted up its latest pre-alpha gameplay video.

“This is currently being developed in our Prelyria art style, which is a low-poly style that is a lot like greyboxing – if you’re familiar with the term – only prettier. Because it’s not just boxes and global lighting, it’s allowing our art team to explore mood and ambiance, as well as experiment with lighting for organic, indoor spaces. Once we’ve tested the mechanics and are happy with them, the team can worry about amping it up to the full-fidelity Chronicles of Elyria art style. It’s a ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’ kind of process!”

The studio also says the environment shown in the gameplay slice is “part of a cave system that The Waerd have carved out and turned into a testing ground.” It’s not a combat video; it’s more focused on showing the different kinds of interactions the player can have with the environment, like scaling poles, jumping, and climbing – both vertical and horizontal. Just bear that in mind when you’re wondering why the semi-realistic MMO looks more like Worlds Adrift in this low-poly build.

MMO players will recall that Chronicles of Elyria has previewed this type of movement gameplay before: at PAX East 2017, when we had a long sit-down with the team. Back then, it wasn’t in the greybox-esque engine, but the comparison certainly provides a good reference for the current state of the game.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Dro Gul!

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Parkour? The developers really have their finger on the pulse of hot trends. This is 2010, right?

2Ton Gamer

I feel like Massively should not post anything about this “game” until they honestly become a real gaming company because otherwise it’s more like some people who are modding or trying to do a hobby, but then again this game was “funded” for millions of dollars so I get why it’s here. Regardless, it’s nice to get some giggles from just how pathetic the “devs” for this game are. I honestly cannot believe they have the balls to actually post what they post.


I do love a good parkour movement system. I think making movement itself fun goes a long way towards making the game fun. That’s why I backed Firefall way back when it was just fun getting around in that game.

Dro Gul

Is this a joke?

How are people not up in arms after this video?

The 2023 version will be stick figures.

It’s not even about the graphics. The parkour stuff is something that you can download UE4 assets for a few bucks or even free.

P Jones

I saw this posted on another site. It is apparently a free template for UE4 that does all the same parkour. It is claimed it was done by 1 guy learning UE4 in 5 months.

I am not saying they used the template. I am just showing it for comparison


Wow the one thing this has that that one didn’t was the balance beam but otherwise yeah.