Warframe has released Operation: Scarlet Spear on PC, plans Titania Prime for March 31


After a bit of a delay, PC players of Warframe have a new war to fight. The four-week long Operation: Scarlet Spear has officially launched on PC, kicking off the first salvo of the so-called New War.

As we’ve been covering before, this new event offers up four-player missions in the form of either ground operations or a Railjack aerial battle, utilizing the new Operation Link feature to complete community goals and repel the Sentient invasion. There are other things that have been brought with this new update, which is all outlined in the recently released patch notes.

In addition to this new event, Warframe will be kicking out Titania Prime at the end of the month, offering those who pay for the Prime Access some flashy new weapons and accessories for the special ‘Frame. Titania Prime access opens on March 31st for all platforms, while European regions and Japan will be seeing this new Prime ‘Frame on April 1st and 2nd respectively.’

sources: press release, official site, cheers Sophiskiai!


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