TERA plans a month of events, including Manglemire, to celebrate its second anniversary on console

Here I am, stuck in the middle with whatever this is.

The month of April will apparently be one of celebration for TERA on console as the MMORPG will be marking its second anniversary. Players can look forward to a world-spanning quest that will see them collecting rare resources to turn in for an Anniversary Coin.

[AL:TERA]In addition, the single-boss dungeon known as Manglemire is coming back. Described as “not for the faint of heart,” this encounter yields rewards like a Frostmetal equipment box, an Emerald or Diamond, higher tier enchanting materials, and cosmetics like a Blonde Afro. Manglemire is for players with item level 439 or higher and can be entered once a day.

Not only will the next update add these events, but it will also introduce gameplay and quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and features like Guardian Mission UI renewal, Matching-Only dungeons, and a new time-limited Feat among other things. Players who are eager to learn more are directed to TERA’s official site for more details soon™.

source: press release
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