Black Desert gets an April Fools’ event on PC, Drieghan on console, and new events on mobile

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Whew! The down side of having so many different versions of Black Desert is that when an update day rains, it pours. And it is raining updates for various Black Desert updates today, so let’s take it frame-by-frame and run down all of the things that players can expect today from the three major versions.

Black Desert on PC: It’s time for the April Fools’ day event in which you get rewarded for fateful choices! There’s also a node war revamp and a variety of balance changes available with today’s patch as well, some of which might seem like a joke depending on your personal feelings about the balance shift.

Black Desert on console: Everyone can go to Drieghan! Not everyone should go to Drieghan, but you can, it’s there now. People who are actually planning on taking such a trip would be well served by checking out the travel guide for the region first.

Black Desert Mobile: The Fields of Valor event has returned! Players can also take on special missions from Ahonia Kirus offering new rewards along the way.

Black Desert in your neighbor Mike’s basement: This is just an indoor sandbox. You probably should not be hanging out with Mike.

Source: PC (1, 2), Console (1, 2), Mobile (1, 2)

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