EverQuest II faces the Showdown at the Diaku Corral in today’s patch

This town may actually be big enough for the two of us.

Over the course of your adventures in EverQuest II you’ve gotten to do a lot of things, but the odds are good you haven’t had the chance to tell someone that this town ain’t big enough for both of you. Fortunately, today’s launch of GU 114 brings in the opportunity to do just that with the Showdown at the Diaku Corral, in which you get to have your fantasy cake with a nice thick helping of period Western frosting. It’s a good old-fashioned showdown at high noon, pardner.

Of course, there are other changes along with the patch, including extensive balance changes, access to Overseer season 2, and so forth. You can check out all of the changes in the patch notes, as is the custom in these parts. But if you’ve finished the signature quest line from Blood of Luclin, it’s far more important that you get ready to draw your gun in a proper showdown. Yee-haw.

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