Amazon says New World’s territorial sieges represent a ‘social dynamism that no other game has’

It tracks.

Amazon Game Studios may have delayed New World and changed its PvP up dramatically, but it’s apparently going to keep on pumping out preview content. The latest comes in the form of a new dev vlog, this one on the game’s overarching territorial war and invasions.

“When two territories clash, a war can begin,” the devs say. “One territory can challenge another to war at their fort. If one company is in control of a territory, if you have enough standing you can go with your company and try to do basically a hostile takeover. Every company in control of a territory sets what’s called a siege window. Once that’s scheduled, you have this one-hour, intense PvP battle” – a 50v50 match described as the “pinnacle moment of PvP in the game,” complete with siege weapons to help the attackers bust through the gates.

“It’s a new level of social dynamism that no other game has,” Lead Systems Designer John Liberto says of the fort capture mechanics. (We expect you’ll have some words on that one in the comments, given how many MMORPGs have similar territory and siege mechanics going all the way back to 2001’s Dark Age of Camelot.)

There’s a chunk of video time spent on the NPC invasions that will also make trouble for player-held territories. You can watch the whole thing down below.

Source: Twitter

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