EVE Online devs tease upcoming anniversary, share message from Iceland’s president


EVE Online is about to celebrate its 17th birthday, so that naturally means it’ll be time to party very soon, and those events are just part of the latest episode of EVE Pulse.

May 7th through the 20th will be the Capsuleer Day Clash, where players can join in to fight back against the Triglavian assault against joint production and research facilities of CONCORD, the Empires, and Upwell. In addition, there will be battlecruiser-only event sites all around New Eden and more advanced sites all over lowsec, nullsec and wormhole space. Taking part in these events will net players a variety of rewards, and there will also be login rewards between May 5th and May 19th as part of the Capsuleer Day celebration.

The video also touches on other goings-on in New Eden such as the Skillers in the Abyss event, a series of Permaband-themed SKINs, and word on some past livestreams.

There was also an announcement of a new feature for the EVE Portal official companion app that will let Omega-level players trade PLEX anytime, anywhere, creating sell and buy orders for ISK from the app. This feature is due to arrive at some time next week.

Finally, the video closes out with a message from the president of Iceland, offering up some goodwill in the face of the ongoing pandemic, as well as offering support for using gaming as an escape. The entire video is below for your viewing pleasure, though bear in mind that it was recorded at a point before event dates were changed.

source: YouTube

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