RuneScape confirms double XP and iOS beta dates while Old School RuneScape opens up Poll 71


This week, both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape have some news to share, so let’s get to the bullet points and kick off another Jagex Monday. Which I was trying to make into a new Taco Tuesday, but it doesn’t have the same oomph to it. Mostly because there is an abject lack of tacos.

  • Double XP is on the horizon for RuneScape, coming this Friday, May 8th, and running until Monday, May 18th. Throughout the event, players can get 48 hours of double XP that can be applied to everything except Archaeology.
  • The Ninja Team has struck again, this time making adjustments to the Ranch Out of Time, the Raptor’s Chest, Grace of the Elves and more. It’s all broken down in the link and in this week’s patch notes.
  • After a very long wait, the beta for RuneScape on iOS is finally on the way, arriving to Apple users this coming Monday, May 11th. The beta will launch in waves, with the first wave arriving that date and subsequent waves arriving for a total of 9,900 players. The restrictions are in place as a result of the TestFlight app.
  • Finally, OSRS is opening up Poll 71, asking players for another round of wanted updates to content like the Gauntlet, the Chambers of Xeric, and other updates like the ability to color the Rocky racoon pet by feeding it berries. Which, of course, should be a definitive “yes.”
sources: RuneScape official site (1, 2, 3), OSRS official site

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