EVE Online’s mobile app launches the Jita PLEX Market while EVE Echoes promises a launch date announcement


CCP Games has some updates on the horizon, but they’re not really directly central to EVE Online so much as EVE tangential. EVE-related. In the EVE-iverse. You get the idea.

First off, the Jita PLEX Market feature of the game’s official app has officially launched. This new function will let players trade PLEX anytime they want through the app, offering buy and sell orders of PLEX for ISK as well as the ability to modify or cancel orders and view prior PLEX transaction history. The feature was mentioned during an episode of EVE Pulse but is now available for those who are Omega level clones.

Secondly, EVE Echoes, the mobile MMO based on the IP, is readying a launch date announcement, which will be unveiled during a special livestream on Sunday, May 17th. This stream will not only confirm a release date but will also introduce the new YanJung faction. The stream will broadcast for an hour starting at 2:00 p.m. EDT on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. And if you’re curious about this game, make sure to check out Brendan’s first impressions of the beta.


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Eve Mobile, that is what the game really needed. /s.
I expect this to land on the same pile of half-hearted, failed and abandoned projects of CCP.


All they need to do to get a major MMORPG hit is to release exactly the same game as EVE but with expendable humans instead of expendable ships. Hopefully, either they’ll do it – or their new PearlAbyss overlords (otherwise I can’t explain – why would PA purchase CCP?)