Check out some of the art from the Diablo III that never was

Sparks will fly.

The development and release of Diablo III happened without Blizzard North, because at that time Blizzard North no longer existed. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you know all of this. What you may not know is that Blizzard North was actually working on a sequel to Diablo II before it was no longer a thing, and that version looked very different from the version we actually got, something you can see on the personal ArtStation page of artist Oscar Cuesta.

Cuesta, who was working at the studio at the time, uploaded four galleries showing early art for the game last year that managed to go unnoticed until now; the galleries show off a Tristam Dungeon, Winterstone, a spire, and a skyway tower. Of particular note is the aesthetic, which was heavily muted and desaturated (a far cry from the sharp color contrasts of the actual game). It’s certainly an interesting glimpse at the look of a game that never released, and it offers space to speculate about the game that was originally in the works.

Source: ArtStation via Kotaku

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agemyth 😩

While cool to see, it looks awful in the state that it is (if I am judging it against what is in the finished projects of D2 and D3 which duh of course it would look bad compared to finished products). While I would say it is more gothic (like, literally the architecture) I don’t think it is really any darker than what we got in D3.

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I’m glad that D4 is going back towards the darker, more muted color pallate and gothic art direction. Much more in the vein of D1/2 and this incarnation of D3. Never have liked the art style/direction of D3, even if it’s a pretty looking game.

Been seeing occasional OG D3 images for years, and with each new release I’m more and more depressed that we didn’t get a Blizzard North developed D3 : (


It’s still not made by Blizzard North like the original Diablo 3 is supposed to be. So Diablo 4 is also going to be a huge joke that just rides on the old fame like Diablo 3. People just buy it and play it because it says “Diablo” on the label. I’ve tried the Act 1 which is free, a friend who gave up playing gave me his account, there is even a Diablo 3 private server where I can play for free.. so I essentially have 3 ways to play Diablo 3 and I still don’t enjoy it one bit.

It just feels like a Diablo game, only worse in every aspect. Just making Diablo 4 dark won’t be enough, Diablo 1 and 2 were scary and creepy, Diablo 3 looks like a Pixar movie about Shrek and Monsters INC. Diablo 4 is also gonna look like a Pixar movie.

Path of Exile is still the closest thing to a Diablo 1/2 successor. Grim Dawn is different as it has more sidequests and feels more like an RPG than an Hack-n-Slash game with character development, but it’s also more intriguing than Diablo 3 and what Diablo 4 will be.

What’s worse is that Blizzard continues with their greed in making Diablo 4 Online only. What if I buy the game and end up without internet access? I can’t play the game I purchased even if I want to? What kind of joke is that?! Whoever buys this trash only supports Blizzard’s incompetence and greed.

I’m even skeptic about the Diablo 2 remake as they will find a way to screw it up.


Man… I’ve seen some bitter comments on this site, but this one takes the cake lol.


They really nailed the artwork, that much is true.

I am worried however about the forced online multiplayer overworld, which will likely frustrate more people than it will help with this type of game. The gameplay will also be a streamlined version of D3 according to some of the previews, and Blizzard already confirmed there’s going to be microtransactions on top of the usual $60 entry fee. You could say ‘nothing is set in stone’, though apparently the MTX already is and i don’t think we’ll see Blizzard turning back from the forced shared overworld – You gotta admit, it’s a really strong argument they can use to force multiplayer/online only.

Also, even if the artwork is good, it’s only 50% of the mood, and unless they convince Matt Uelmen to come back and make the music… Yeah, the game will have very little mood to it if it just uses the same generic, completely forgettable orchestral soundtracks all Blizzard games have used ever since Uelmen left.