Albion Online kicks off its ninth guild season tomorrow on May 16


The eve of guild supremacy battle in Albion Online is once more upon us. Guild Season 9 is starting on Saturday, May 16th, and along with it are a few notable adjustments.

The changes coming with this ninth season include Point and Energy Storage in high-level territories, Season Points from veteran and world bosses, updated Crystal League rewards and timeslots, and some promised adjustments to large alliance penalties.

The new season is also promising some of the most lucrative rewards yet, with bracket rewards for silver-ranked guilds including n avatar, avatar ring, and the new Ancient Ent battle mount, while guilds who climb to the top stand to earn a place in Conquerors’ Hall, a new 90-day Fame Buff for each member of the winning guild, an additional random Battle Mount, and a placeable copy of the Conquerors’ Hall statue for each guild member.

A more complete breakdown of dates, times, and adjustments has been posted to the forums, and a season kickoff stream will be broadcast on Albion’s Twitch channel. As for the game itself, there’s been a quick hotfix to the Queen update that players may want to read over.

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