No Man’s Sky is getting a new Windows 10 version and arrives on Game Pass for Xbox One in June

Sure, why not, whatever.

There’s a lot more to recommend No Man’s Sky at this point than there was when it first launched, by all estimations. The game has evolved in leaps and bounds, but you can check it out for yourself on your Xbox One starting in June. The title is arriving on Xbox Game Pass next month, along with netting a new version of the game on the Windows Store as a specific Windows 10 title. Everyone gets to see that sky which is supposedly belonging to no man!

Of course, players are already happily tooling around in the game’s sandbox on PC via the existing Steam version of the game, and there’s no word yet on whether there will be cross-play or further compatibility between the different PC versions. Still, it’s worth hoping as you explore a universe full of things… none of which have any particular attachment to you. It’s a galaxy of loneliness; that’s why they call it No Man’s Sky.

Source: Microsoft via Kotaku
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