Star Citizen’s June dev report recounts alpha 3.10 progress and work on upcoming weapons, ships, and planets


The next alpha build of Star Citizen is waiting on the horizon, so as one would perhaps expect, the majority of CIG’s June 2020 development report is about development work in service to getting the update out of the door, including work on ships to accept the new flight model, UI development for in-game purchasable paint schemes, and work on the electric weapons among other features.

Of course, there are other things that are being worked on in June for future updates in the report as well: Devs are beginning the process of putting together Pyro III and Pyro IV, working on a new version of the mobiGlas, starting the modeling process for the Pyro Crab, creating artwork for two unannounced ships, and taking the first steps towards an “exciting” new weapon that will be revealed at the end of the third quarter. Make sure to browse the full report if you want the granular information.


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Tee Parsley

The latest SC marketing release!

Not surprised at the ‘purchasable paint schemes’ get up. Think I even suggested that years ago, only to find that they’d already toyed with the idea. Would be kinda cool to be able to get ship ‘nose art’ style stuff from artists that you like. They really should have prestige paint schemes from noted SF and Game artists. But CIG probably would balk at paying outside artists.


Personally I would prefer they spend every cent on getting this game done right now instead of hiring outside artists for cosmetic fluff for your ship. Once the game is closer to release or even once it hits beta I think it’s a fantastic idea. If the price was reasonable I could go for some custom paint job on my ships.


Informing backers on progress is marketing? So you want them to be completely silent on progress and then call it a scam for it?

Joe Blobers

Like it or not Tee, devs have family and don’t pay there mortgage and taxes with in game credits…

CIG do apply the MMO income strategy they talked about years ago: provide micro-transactions so players can choose to support development without pledging for hundreds $ ships.
We remember those comments explaining CIG is evil incarnated, they won’t sell ships with in game credits, armors or paints… but everyone can see they do add more assets available for credits at every patch.

3.10 will see large ship like 890 added to the list, many armors are already available at different locations. Paint will follow with option to get some for $.

About noted SF and game artists, that will no make assets more unique unless they are extra limited… hence extra expensive while CIG do have talented artists. No doubt they can create some great looking ‘nose art’ assets.