World of Warcraft has its first trans character in the Shadowlands alpha and prepares the Darkmoon Faire on live

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The first canonical trans character in World of Warcraft is here in Shadowlands: Pelagos, an aspirant among the Kyrians whose mortal form was that of a woman. The team has recently announced that Pelagos’ pronouns in quest text were being updated to he/him as opposed to they/them following feedback from the community regarding the best way to show respect to his gender identity.

On the game’s live servers, meanwhile, the Darkmoon Faire is running once more until July 12th. This is of particular note as the Faire gives an experience and reputation buff, and the 100% experience buff (and current Timewalking reputation buffs) stack with it nicely. So you’re already leveling faster and grabbing more reputation; now you can make it even more.

Last and certainly not least, Blizzard partnered virtually with Girls Who Code for this year, giving a number of young women a two-week digital cohort that was kicked off by president J. Allen Brack. The whole event culminated in developing and sharing various website projects and should provide a nice does of positive energy.

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