Occupy White Walls proudly announces a big art lift with its latest update, the Heist

No Ryan Lewis on this one.

The team behind Occupy White Walls is pretty proud of this art heist. It’s not a real heist, of course, but the update is still called the Heist, and we have to admit that it’s a pretty big haul when the game makes off with every piece of the National Gallery in London. That’s a lot of art, it’d be a big deal if it were an actual art theft, and it means more art to put up in the spaces where you display art! Virtually, of course.

Of course, that’s not all players will have access to, as the game has also added in new building sets for players to try out, new compact spaces for those who want a more intimate display space, and new vendor sets including ramps and the like. Combine that with performance improvements and a number of fixes to persistent bugs and issues, and players will have plenty of things to enjoy as they once again set about hanging pieces which definitely belong in a museum. (Mostly because they previously had been in one.)

Source: Steam

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