World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has officially moved into its beta testing phase

Who taught you math?!

The bells have tolled, the signal fires have been lit, and the time is upon us: World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is now officially in beta. It’s worth noting for any and all people looking angrily at the launcher without the beta entry that at least at this point, it’s unclear if there have been any new invitations to the beta at this time beyond previous alpha participants; all the same, that’s enough of a marker to say that we’re into beta country.

Of note on the beta is that the game’s promises of having a new player guide system in place are coming to fruition, with players apparently needing level 60, Broken Isles Pathfinder part 1, and an account in good standing to sign up as a guide. It’s worth noting that this is all still in testing, so those requirements can still change. (The “good standing” one seems unlikely to, though.)

In news for the live game, players can also look forward to the first of the previously announced low-population realm connections happening on July 23rd for Cairne, Drak’thul, Skywall, and Perenolde. Players who subscribe for a six-month block of time will also be gifted the new Steamscale Incinerator mount for free so long as you subscribe (or are in the middle of an active six-month block) by August 10th.

Source: Official Site, Twitter, Wowhead (1, 2)
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