Wurm Online officially arrives to Steam starting today


As of 1:00 p.m. EDT today, Steam users are able to snap up Wurm Online on the platform. As in the full sandbox title and its playerbase, not the standalone side-game Wurm Unlimited.

The game offers what it’s calling “ultimate freedom” that seeks to “hold true to the original sandbox vision.” Players can hop into either PvP or PvE servers and experience a world that players can mold to their liking, taking up various trades, building towns and roads, and working towards lofty pursuits like conquering other player kingdoms in PvP, becoming a realm-famous trader, a hunter of dangerous beasts, or a priest of one of four deities with the ability to enchant player equipment; most of these features were put on display in the launch trailer last week.

Speaking of that trailer, YouTuber and Twitch streamer Andrea “KatsPurr” Fryer was the person behind putting that together; readers will likely recall her as the artist who was rebuilding Ultima Online in Wurm. For those who are curious about how KatsPurr put that trailer together, she’s posted a five hour-long video that takes viewers through every step of the process. That’s embedded below if you’re curious.

sources: Steam, YouTube

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Bryan Turner

Sure glad I avoided this, that said I’ve heard Unlimited for $30 is the way to go, evidently the private servers are run better.


Very bumpy start and if you are going to give it a try – DO NOT follow the Steam client advice which says you should register on the website to start playing: you will burn your desired char name that way and won’t be able to log with Steam :(
Also – 80 players limit? What were they thinking?!?


Doesn’t look like much is going to happen today. They were not prepared for the surge.


80 players on a server? 15,000 Steam users had this on their wish list. Majority of the new players can’t get on. To be expected I suppose. Word was they are moving resources around to clear up the Authserv so people can login. Adding two new servers was also mentioned on the official forums by a user so we’ll see if they becomes true. Typical launch when developers don’t expect and are not prepared for a large audience reception. Steam is getting review bombed, which is sad. I’ll keep trying to get in!


They appear to be having a lot of the usual Steam MMO Release issues. Update servers broke under the number of players, so they’re migrating to a new CDN. The official discord seems to be the only place for info currently.