Guild Wars 2 is planning some quality-of-life changes for Drizzlewood Coast next week


The Drizzlewood Coast map and its associated metas have been the subject of chatter in the Guild Wars 2 for months now, as players have stumbled trying to effectively complete the events crowning the pair of episodes that added them. Fortunately, ArenaNet has been listening and is taking action on one of the sticking points.

“As we mentioned on last week’s Guild Chat, we’ve been listening to your feedback about the meta and taking it into account,” the studio said last night. “With that in mind, we want to let you know about an update coming to the game next Tuesday, August 11. After the update is released, the chests that spawn throughout the map at the end of the meta will all be relocated to Claw’s Roost. Now you can reap all the same rewards in one convenient location rather than searching the map! Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!”

The community feedback thus far has been positive, though there’s recognition that this is only one of several DWC problems that need addressing. Probably the best run-down of the challenges the map is facing was issued by Redditor tgdm, who notes that the length of the meta – and the future potential for there to be too few other people to work with there – is the looming threat.


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Castagere Shaikura

The devs for this game are just stupid to me. They really should have stuck to the manifesto from the beginning. Instead they caved to those ex wow players that wanted the game to be like wow. If they hadn’t offered the base games as f2p I truly believe the game would have shut down by now. The base game is what is keeping the game alive no matter what the fanboys say. What they really need to do is balance the expansion content with the base game and stop adding more junk to the game.

Fenrir Wolf

The thing is is that map-wide meta-events just aren’t fun. Very few seem to truly like them, people do them to get stuff they want or need from them but… that’s not enjoying the content.

Here are the problems with map-wide meta-events:

* They’re a slog and they don’t respect free time;
* When the map eventually goes dead, they can’t be soloed;
* They often have punishingly hard difficulty spikes with immediate failure states;
* They just aren’t rewarding enough.

Grothmar and the Bjora Marches were perfect. They were atmospheric, beautiful, fun zones to explore. They struck a great balance. Now though it’s back to getting 20,000 of an item for an infusion, spending two hours at a time slogging through another map-wide event…

I was worried when I saw strikes return (and forced grouping with the Whisper strike). This all really concerns me. This is the road they took to Heart of Thorns when they last forgot that their game only profits from casual palyers. It’ll happen again, except this time GW2 will be sunsetted.

That’s not just talking out of my arse, it’s obvious. If you don’t have a subscription, and you have a gold to gem exchange in the game? What reason do hardcore players, even minor league ones, have to pay you for anything? This is what they found out with Heart of Thorns, now they’re back on track for destruction again and it’s depressing.

Won’t they ever learn? What is it with MMO developers and ignoring their own data and systems? Surely their financial and marketing people know that hardcore players have zero potential for revenue at all, let alone revenue growth? At least in the situation they created with GW2. Either they need to remove the gem store and introduce a subscription, or they need to keep in mind where their money comes from and make the game more casual friendly.

It’s maddening to watch them fall back on their old ways. I really like GW2. Come on, ArenaNet… Don’t Heart of Thorns yourself again.


I just think the entire company is lazy. They’re phoning it in and it is depressing to watch what was once a great game go to shit.


I honestly think the game has too many zones. As someone who will play GW2 for a while and then leave for 6 months to a year, I often come back to several new zones… and all but the most recent are dead. The game is littered with too many zones, too many currencies linked to those zones, too much dead clutter.


The best part is you spend most of the time doing the map and then ANets servers crap out D/C you and you get kicked out of the map, can’t get in and lose all progress. Gotta love spending 1-2 hours massive unfun map grinds and getting absolutely nothing for it because ANets servers can’t handle their own game.