Bless Unleashed is heading to PlayStation 4 with a closed beta already planned for next week

Ah... huh.

You could be forgiven for assuming that Bless Unleashed would have no truck with any sort of successful reception, given its pedigree. But expanding to be playable on the PlayStation 4 certainly seems like a mark of at least moderate success; you don’t port these things over unless you expect to find at least a couple of players, after all. And not only is this cross-platform hop happening, it even has a beta test scheduled for August 20th! That’s soon!

Potential players who want to get in, of course, would do well to sign up for beta access now; it seems likely that not everyone who wants a key will get a key. The test will run from August 20th until August 24th, so it’s enough time to get a sense of how the game will play on your preferred console. There’s no specific word on a launch date beyond “later this year,” but if you’re eager to play the game on a Sony console, the beta alone should be plenty to tide you over.

Source: Press release, Official site. Cheers, BBB!
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