CCP and Netease’s mobile MMORPG EVE Echoes is officially live on Android and iOS

The studios promise to keep porting EVE Online content into Echoes


We hope you got your preloading done overnight because EVE Online mobile MMO EVE Echoes is officially live, offered up by CCP Games and Netease as an “authentic” version of EVE that works on both Android and iOS mobile devices, though it’ll run on separate servers from those used by PC players.

“Global games developer NetEase Games and renowned studio CCP Games have successfully delivered what players love about EVE Online to mobile platforms. Today, after three years of close collaboration, their journey together culminates in the launch of EVE Echoes for iOS and Android. The game will launch in English, Russian, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, enabling new players and EVE enthusiasts all over the world to enjoy the hallmark game experience of EVE Echoes on their mobile devices. EVE Echoes is a next-gen sandbox MMO game for mobile devices based on the award-winning sci-fi spacefaring MMORPG EVE Online. Featuring a vast persistent universe of over 8,000+ solar systems, players are free to choose their own path from countless options, experiencing space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, mining, trading, industry, and a sophisticated player economy in the multiplayer sandbox of New Eden.”

The studios are promising to continue to port EVE Online content into the mobile effort, including “sovereignty and larger ship hulls being brought to the game via continuous updates” and “crossover events between EVE Echoes and EVE Online” too.

MOP’s EVE Online columnist Brendan Drain did a deep-dive of the EVE Echoes beta back in December and was surprised that the game was actually impressive even then, especially given CCP’s track record with EVE spinoffs. “Echoes has successfully reproduced the secret sauce that makes EVE Online work,” he wrote.

Get caught up on our coverage since the game was first announced as Infinite Galaxy:


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Been playing both the beta and now the live.
Gameplay wise it is even more fun than eve. More things are automated and I like that it is somewhat more simplified. It is more relaxing due to the lesser complexity of fitting and the autopilot actually being an autopilot.
It is a NetEase game. Monetization is on par if not more expensive than original eve / per month with initial buy.

3 tiers of omega clones. And 3 one time purchases that are practically 3 tiers of XP boost , each more expensive than the other, and they stack.

Basically it is a 44 Euro initial buy to get all tier of xp boost.
And an additional 16 euro per month to get the max tier Omega clone.
Between the lowest Omega tier and the highest there is around 70% xp gain difference
And price wise max tier is 3 times more expensive.

And you can’t upgrade between omega clone levels if you did not pay close attention at the beginning , you are stuck for 30 days , or you pay again for the higher tier.

But that is what you get when you have both NetEase and CCP looking to cash in. Greed.

Rick Mills

It is a heck of a lot of fun right now – I imagine it won’t last, but jump in while you can!

Brian Johnson

It’s super fun and it costs nothing to try. Even chat has been really friendly. The corps are small right now. It’s very much like regular Eve. Everyone is a lowbie right now, so it’s fun chaos. There’s none of the usual mobile auto-battling. If you don’t pay attention you will die. :)

Also, Plex is cheap right now, so you can probably get Omega in a few days if you’re looking do d that.


So far every project CCP touched outside their MMORPG withered and died. Sometimes slow and painful, sometimes long before the release but often both.

I wouldn’t feel sorry about their attempt at a mobile game to crash and burn.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

The future is mobile.