EVE Echoes has been ‘hindered’ by the coronavirus but will launch in ‘late 2020’


With CCP Games seemingly trying to sneak game cancelations under the radar, you might be wondering what’s going on with EVE Echoes. The EVE Online-universe mobile spinoff is a collab between CCP Games and NetEase, and its closed beta wound down in January, to the sadness of our EVE columnist, who raved about the game in his hands-on. We haven’t heard much about the schedule for open beta and launch in the interim.

But now CCP Games has now released a statement on Twitter explaining where the game is. In short, the coronavirus has impacted development – we presume because NetEase is located in southern China and affected by the quarantines, or at least their impacts on travel and trade (it’s headquartered about 600 miles from Wuhan, the outbreak’s epicenter).

“We are fully invested in the development process with our hearts and minds,” the team says. “Yet, unfortunately, the unexpected COVID19 epidemic has greatly hindered our schedule. The official time hasn’t been decided yet, but rest assured that EVE Echoes will release in late 2020.” It’s also expected to be playable at this year’s EVE Fanfest.

Source: Twitter
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