EVE Online’s NetEase-backed mobile EVE Echoes enters beta in December


EVE Online mobile MMO EVE Echoes is swooping past its summer alpha into a winter beta, according to an announcement from CCP Games and NetEase today. As we’ve previously covered, it’s meant to be an “authentic” version of EVE that works on both Android and iOS mobile devices, though it’ll run on separate servers from those used by PC players.

“EVE Echoes brings the vast, interstellar EVE universe from PC to the palm of your hand. Built using NetEase Games’ proprietary NeoX graphics engine, EVE Echoes stays true to CCP’s hallmark EVE Online design principles and immerses pilots in beautiful starry skies and across boundless star fields. Pilots must collect resources, manufacture items, and explore thousands of uncharted planets to write their own history in pursuit of galactic glory. A realistic social system enables players to join and lead corporations, form coalitions, capture rival territories, engage in intergalactic combat, and much more across thousands of planetary systems.”

If like MOP’s Brendan you happen to be at EVE Vegas this weekend, you’ll be treated to a hands-on with the game, so stay tuned for our first impressions!

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Source: Press release

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Rodrigo Dias Costa

I’ve tried it. It looks a lot like the usual EVE experience, but I don’t like the changes on the skills. Also it’s incredibly demanding to the phone, so they should work more on the performance side.


EVE Echoes enters beta in December…and will most likely sunset by June.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Fascinating. I wonder if Echoes can work ok on a basic standard Android phone or tablet, or a gaming smartphone might be needed instead.