NCsoft Q2 2020: Lineage 2M drives revenue as Aion and Lineage flag and Guild Wars 2 rebounds


MMO readers will recall that NCsoft has been having a big year for revenue, doubling its revenue in the first quarter of this year largely thanks to the success of the mobile Lineage 2M during the pandemic. The company released its second quarter earnings today, and the numbers aren’t quite as wild, though still better than this quarter last year: The company made 538 billion KRW (around 454 million USD), down 26% since last quarter but up 31% since the second quarter of 2019. NCsoft points specifically to the ups and downs of Lineage 2M’s sales throughout the year, and indeed the sales breakdown by game demonstrates that L2M is still by far the company’s biggest revenue source, followed by Lineage M itself.

Those mobile revenues far surpass PC revenues, though PC MMORPGs are more likely what you’re here to read about. Notably, classic Lineage has continued its slow decline, we assume as players flock to mobile, though Lineage 2 is actually in a better spot than it was a year ago. While Blade & Soul has held roughly even over the last year, Aion is down around a third, seemingly NC’s weakest property now. But there’s some good news for Guild Wars 2, as its fall and winter slump appears to be over and ArenaNet is now back up to early 2019 revenue numbers. Presumbly, once Tencent has fully taken over publishing of the game in China, it might see a surge there too.


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Diego Lindenmeyer

no Global Launch for Lineage 2M , sadly.

Alessa Estrada

While other games gradually begin to migrate to mobile platforms, Guild Wars 2 will have more and more followers, not only new Chinese players but those MMORPG players who don’t want to play in the palm of their hand, watching mini landscapes ..


As always for a little more nuanced comparison:

-In the first chart are the values stacked upon each other
(They don’t publish total mobile sales anymore, but the other mobile games were ~1%)

-The second one is without the mobile numbers

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