World of Warcraft shows off Shadowlands adventures, opens Classic’s Ahn’Qiraj raids


Ever since mission tables were introduced in Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard has struggled to figure out what to do with World of Warcraft’s offline systems. When Shadowlands comes to town, it’s going to try something a little different than before as it introduces adventures.

Adventures is basically an offline autobattler that lets the player set up fights between allies and enemy troops. The strategy lies in which allies are chosen and where they’re placed on the board, influencing the outcome of each fight. Blizzard said that players can use the WoW companion app to interact with the system and can earn “pets, mounts, gold, anima, and more” from successful adventures.

But before Shadowlands arrives, the prepatch is going to trigger a Scourge Invasion event across the entire game world. Game Designer Jeremy Feasel explained that the event will have an ebb and flow to it: “It cycles this time instead of being up all the time. Players can only become zombies via NPCs for a bit every couple of hours, but if they want to keep the zombie train rolling during the down time, they can via player actions.”

And over in WoW Classic, the community’s efforts to open the gates of Ahn’Quiraj have proved successful, and the two raids inside of the desert town are now open for business.


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what? WoW making me logon again? Dont let me find out Shadowlands is the expansion to bring me back.

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Logged into the PTR couldn’t test content as the only content was zombies everyone was turning NPCs into them or infecting them. Should be fun right?


Strictly speaking, you’ve already tested content in the way that the PTR is meant to be used. You tried to engage with content outside of the zombie event and found it not just difficult to do so but effectively impossible, which gives you feedback you can provide to Blizzard.

Rick Mills

I had a blast – You could still get and turn in quests, you just had to be quick and sneaky :) I love the Argent Tournament quests!