EVE Online’s weeks-long player war has cost players over $112,000 so far


For over six weeks now, one of EVE Online’s largest and bloodiest battles has been waging across the game’s galaxy. World War Bee is shaping up to be one for the record books, with “upwards of 130,000 players” participating and $112,000 of virtual assets reduced to space dust.

One reason for the high price tag is the destruction of three Keepstars over the course of the war. Keepstars are massive space citadels that some have described as “Death Stars,” and each one costs around $1,777 if you convert its in-game price tag to real world money.

“Attention has now become focused on Upwell Structures in Fountain,” reported blogger Wilhelm at the Ancient Gaming Noob. “There are still a string of structures that belong to the Imperium in the region.  That includes some Keepstars.  PandaFam has blown up three Keepstars in the region so far.”

Even with the player war raging on, CCP is preparing a Dreaded Collective update for August 25th. This patch will “bring a number of changes to Triglavian vessels, including upgrades to the Zirnitra that will make it a strong competitor against other Dreadnoughts.”

Source: Press release, Ancient Gaming Noob, EVE Online

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Rob Hagaman

You might also want to write about something else that will affect the EVE economy just as much, if not more, than the Imperium/PAPI war. Niarja, a key system between the largest trade hub, Jita, and Amarr, a key link to alliances in the South, was invaded by Triglavian NPCs. A day later, thanks to players alone, it’s been turned into null sec space, making it dangerous to the point that ships will have to reroute, making an 11 system journey into 45 systems. Players are actually remodeling the economy and geography of the game. It also makes it harder for Legacy Coalition to resupply, at a greater cost, as freighters and jump freighters get paid for the distance they travel.

This will affect the war, in which Goons have already had a morale boosting victory in Y-2ANO. This is a great time to be playing EVE, and shows why this game is so great.

Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

Some capsuleers just want to watch the galaxy explode.


Is EVE the realest MMO? Sure seems that way.


EVE is one of those games that I have absolutely zero interest in actually playing, but I greatly enjoy reading about.


Its more fun to read about these wars than take part in them – corp I was flying with went off to take part – got my accounts on hold for now lol