Mortal Online 2 scales up testing, aims for a beta later this year

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

After months running a combat alpha, Mortal Online 2 is ramping up the scope and population of its testing. In this month’s newsletter, Star Vault said that it’s increasing the number of alpha keys it’s distributing and is planning a beta test for late 2020.

“In the coming months we will also start a technical beta stress test of the server,” the studio said. “As you can probably imagine, this requires a rather large amount of people to be on the server at the same time. So on our newly updated website you can now sign up for the beta stress test. When the times comes we will send out steam keys to everyone who signs up and give them access to the game for a couple of days.”

Meanwhile, the combat alpha continues to be refined with small patches. If you absolutely cannot wait to try out the game, you have the option of shelling out $40 right now to gain alpha access.

Source: Newsletter, Mortal Online 2. Thanks Starbuck and Panagiotis!
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