Elder Scrolls Online teases the setting and atmosphere of its upcoming Markarth DLC

Big... whatever this thing is.

Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC is less than a month away now for PC players, so you know what that means: time to crank up the ol’ hype machine! Yes, ZeniMax has pushed out a fluffy preview of the DLC today, this one focusing on its setting and the zones it’ll affect.

The studio says that it’s trying to generate a sense of familiarity with folks who remember The Reach from Skyrim – to tickle your nostalgia bone without making it too samey or too out of place next to the other zones that have starred in the year of the Dark Heart of Skyrim.

“As with Greymoor’s Western Skyrim, Markarth allows you to explore both the land above (the Reach) and below with an additional zone: Arkthzand Cavern. Like the Chapter’s Greymoor Caverns, this part of Blackreach is an alien, dangerous world, filled with new mysteries and wonders, as well its fair share of new dangers, too. […] Central to the zone is Markarth, an ancient Dwarven fortress now controlled by the Reachfolk, creating an opportunity for the team to create a city different from the one you might have experienced in TESV.”

Markarth will be the game’s last DLC of 2020 when it launches on November 2nd for PC and 10th for console.


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I’m excited for this. I’ve been digging this plotline, and it’ll be fun to see Markarth again and find out what happens next with the Gray Host.

Adam Russell

Does this mean Greymoor will become freely available for subbed customers?

Kickstarter Donor

Most unlikely. I assume it will have a wayshrine for access, but I’ve really no idea beyond the fact that it’s far too soon for Greymoor to be given for free, I’d have thought.

Adam Russell

Ok, I thought (but wasnt sure) that I got all previous chapters except Greymoor when I subbed so when they added one more Id get Greymoor too. It does seem a little on the too good to be true side, but Id hoped.