Final Fantasy XIV prepares for the annual Starlight Celebration starting December 14

Holiday lizard.

It’s almost time for the Starlight Celebration inĀ Final Fantasy XIV, just a week after the game’s most recent patch (which dropped yesterday), and this year the theme seems to be all about letting it snow. That’s evident in the rewards if nowhere else, as players can get a perpetually frost-covered evergreen for the outdoors or ice partitions and platforms for indoor decoration. If that weren’t enough, the centerpiece reward is a new snowman mount, helping you get from place to place while nestled in a snowy embrace.

To get these items, you must needs participate in the questline, starting in Gridania at the ampitheater for players level 15 and above. The event starts on December 14th and runs through December 31st, so you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy the weather of the season. Still, can you really wait until the end to get all of the internal snow-themed decorations someone could use? We think not.

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