Last Oasis applies balance changes, answers player questions about bug fix priority and map releases

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While the latest update to Last Oasis isn’t trying to do anything new or novel, it is trying to improve what’s already there. Players can expect a nerfing to Scattershot damage, a reduced area of effect for the Poaching Hut, and a number of interface improvements, bug fixes, and fixes to lost connection issues. “Probably.” That’s literally what the patch notes read.

On the subject of bug fixing, the update post once again fields several player questions, one of which is focused on how the devs prioritize addressing glitches and bugs. According to the answer, the QA team “rigorously” processes bug reports, assigns them a priority based on severity, and then fixes are applied with patches, though when those fixes go live can vary depending on difficulty. “Since we’re still in Early Access, and if there is a critical bug or a server issue that requires immediate attention, we try to communicate and address it as quickly as possible,” assures the post.

Another answer talks about the recent timing of iron map releases; these maps were made available sooner to accommodate players moving from ceramic to iron as well as to grant larger clans or smaller hardcore groups more time to harvest in these maps.

source: Steam
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