Heavensturn returns to Final Fantasy XIV for an oxtraordinary time


As with every year, it’s time for Final Fantasy XIV to steer its course into the new year with the annual Heavensturn celebration. And as with prior years, that means that one particular animal-themed bugyo is bullish on the prospect of the new year, which means players can take part in an event themed around that critter. Can you guess what animal is milking the attention this year? Yes, the ushi bugyo is in Limsa Lominsa, and he’s being buffaloed out of the ceremony and requires adventurer assistance.

Rewards include a new pair of intimidaing kabuto with which to cow your opponents as well as two bovine bobbleheads to decorate your housing area. You also get the sheer pleasure of going with the herd as the event takes place, of course. So are you ready to get into the game and stampede toward the city where all the fun is happening? The event starts on December 31st for all those looking to corral the seasonal trouble.

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