Camelot Unchained wraps up 2020 with hope and cheer


Before you completely write off 2020, Camelot Unchained would like to have a word with you. Wait, whom are we kidding? This is Camelot Unchainedit would like to have many, many words with you!

In the final report for the year, City State’s Mark Jacobs ran down the assorted projects that the team is working on for both games, showed off a few art assets, and teased what’s to come in the new year: “We expect January/February to have lots of new stuff for you to play around with including the new area, giants, and I hope, an update to crafting (I’m going to get some engineering/design time on it) and more.”

If that’s not enough required reading, there’s also the latest newsletter to digest! One of the big topics was how “islands” of play will work in Camelot. “No island will be created in the shadow of the other,” the team said, “In other words, every single island will have something that makes it different from the others. Be that prospects/resources, different mechanics, different gameplay.”


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