Free Realms rogue server Sunrise begins taking beta sign-ups


With this past December’s sale of Daybreak to a new owner, it brings to mind all of the MMOs that didn’t make it to this moment. Games like Vanguard, Clone Wars Adventures, and yes, Free Realms. While there’s always that faint hope that a new owner might dust off these old servers and bring them back to life, there’s a more immediate way to fill that Free Realms-sized hole in your life.

FR Sunrise, the rogue server that’s been working to bring back this beloved online title, started taking beta sign-ups over the holidays. This does not guarantee immediate access, as the game isn’t yet available, but will put you into a spot in the queue for future play. The volunteer team said that signing up will also give you access to possible special early bird rewards.

The beta sign-ups come hot on the heels of an announcement that the project was rebranding from Free Realms Sunrise to FR Sunrise. That announcement came paired with a spiffy overhaul of the website, which includes an informative FAQ on the game.

Source: FR Sunrise. Thanks Bhagpuss!
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