Book of Travels’ soundtrack aims to take you to a whole new world


For an MMO that will be all about the journey, getting the music right for your road trip is an important task for the folks at Book of Travels. Happily, they’ve enlisted a trio of experts who are bringing the sounds of the east into the game.

A Steam dev blog talks about how the inspiration for this score is coming from “classic adventure and RPG games, classical Ottoman music and a wide variety of traditional music from Armenia, Greece, Turkey, and Iran to name a few.”

Two brand-new pieces of music were released for fans to enjoy and to give them a taste of what’s to come. As Composer Ulf Wahlgren said, “We want the player to feel that a new world is awaiting them, a world, mayhaps, that they have not experienced before.”

Source: Steam

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Very nice and traditional. If I close my eyes it def takes me travelling.

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That was nice – it defnitely has an eastern flair, with a lot of flute (or flute-like instruments). It also reminded me to go back Book of Travels (which I did). Thanks for posting these.