Final Fantasy XI asks players to find love for man and beast alike on Valentine’s Day

It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

Yes, it’s almost time for Valentine’s Day – or, as it’s known in Final Fantasy XI, Valentione’s Day – and that means the joy of an event for players to participate in. And this year, the game is asking you to help find love for both people and chocobos at the same time.

Wait, what? No, not, with each other. What is wrong with you? Those are non-consecutive clauses! The game wants you to find love for people by talking with moogles in the three main capital cities and finding lovelorn individuals people to spend the holiday with!

Chocobo mating is a totally separate minigame happening elsewhere in the three main cities in which you try to… well, facilitate chocobo mating. That one is pretty obvious. It’s how you get more chocobos. Look, let’s not spell this one out, the event runs from February 8th until February 14th. It’s all about finding the love.

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