Star Citizen outlines work on a ‘community favorite’ ship, hacking, weapons, and Orison landing zone


Feels like we sort of just did this, doesn’t it? Sure enough, now that we’re just into the month of February and the last report pooled progress from November and December of last year, Star Citizen has made sure to keep pace on its monthly updates by releasing January’s report. Here are some of the highlights.

From the top, the report announced a reorganization of its AI teams, splitting them into AI content, AI features, and AI tech groups in the hopes of creating a “more efficient structure to encourage knowledge sharing and a more holistic approach to prioritizing tasks and goals.” Of course, the report talked about AI updates from each team, including AI pilot tactic choices, NPC tourist behaviors, and work on Subsumption tech — CIG’s five-dollar term for AI routes of decision making.

In art, the environment team moved on to the final art phase for all of Orison’s platforms. The update further confirmed that Orison’s arcade, spaceport exterior, Voyager Bar interior, and Green Circle habs are all in the final stages of development. The ship team in the US has begun work on “a community-favorite vehicle scheduled for release later in the year,” as well as confirmation that another unnamed ship has moved to its final stage and work on the RSI Constellation Taurus, while the UK ship art team continued work on the Crusader C2 Hercules.

Weapons art moved forward with work on the Volt Parallax electron rifle, the UltiFlex Novia crossbow (no longer called the Shroud of the Avatar, apparently), and a new healing multi-tool attachment.

The features section notes that development on hacking moves forward, with discussions revolving around how to scale difficulty to consider the size of the play area, number of AI opponents, and randomly generated content, all of which sees hacking “have a number of interesting strategical options,” according to the features team. There’s also been work on the reputation UI for the mobiGlas and a push to get ship-to-station and ship-to-ship docking ready to release in alpha 3.12.

Finally, the report points to an updated roadmap and new roadmap roundup, which outlines shifting features and a few updated lists for what’s coming in alphas 3.13 through 3.16.


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This game will never release. The ‘game’ is actually “How To Make Endless Money From Gullible People”.

If I am wrong, and it does have some sort of official ‘release’, there is not a chance in the hot place that it will run on any consumer computer in existence today (or in the next 10 years, I think).

And what sort of server farm would be needed for this sort of world? Banks of super computers?

After the sunk cost money starts to dry up, what do the fans think is going to happen with this project? Since this is a corporation, you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye as there will be no recovery recourse available for ‘customers’.

Just my 2c and impressions from watching this slow-mo nuke go off over the past 10 years.

Oleg Chebeneev

Tens of thousands of people already play it on half decent computers. And game isnt even fully optimized yet.
Also donations actually accelerated in recent years.

ps/ I almost feel it physically, how so many people want SC to fail so badly. Hilarious

Chronic Enigma
Chronic Enigma

So It IS a game by definition of the word “Game” also, I’ve spent 100’s if not 1000’s of hours playing this “game” and enjoying it. There are hella bugs some times and I just stop playing and come back another quarter later.

For me at this point, this is a good game, as a service, without the monthly fee. I spent 45 dollars for the game and a ship and over the past 4 years haven’t spent a single dollar more. I get a good game, knowing its an alpha and will be buggy AF. I get to contribute to the environment by giving feedback and bug reports that shape the game. I get new features, ships and locations once or twice a year.

You obviously do not know the game in depth and are just trying to troll. Do you not pay attention to their financials, cash infusion via players, investors, etc is wayyy UP. SC has only gone upwards and forwards every year. You are obviously following the wrong game.

P.S. It runs GREAT on my computer and I do NOT have a supercomputer.


I’m a 2013 backer and I check in from time to time. The game runs fine for me with my 6700k processor and my GTX 970. Once it’s optimized new systems won’t have a problem running it beautifully.

If you find it hard to believe that it’s possible, it just goes to show how much they are pushing the boundaries of what’s been done before. And they are making it happen.

To many real people who have logged in and experienced this now for you to troll like this. Just go check it out yourself during the next free fly.

Tee Parsley

The real problem is that the designer’s ambition knows no bounds, so they will continue to add convolution that messes with and overburdens smooth game play. A continual red queen’s race. Roberts has never managed to release a game outside of Origin Systems. Grandiose Game Developer Syndrome.

Joe Blobers

CR and Erin did delivered games that were all good to very good. Consistently. Not even counting all seniors managers who joined RSI.

The fact 1 million individual do join an Alpha prove they do already find enough contents to see progress and goal.
There is no continual heavy development, just a path to follow from kickstarter to release. Whatever the level of ambition is always too grand for those seeking for none…

Joe Blobers

So you serve us in a short paragraph all uneducated comments about a game that demonstrate every year naysayers are wrong.
A mix of FUD, misleading remarks about servers requirements or NASA computers needed… while current 5 years old computers like I5+GTX1070+SSD do allow to have between 30 to 65 fps with a product under heavy development.

Backers are also watching gaming industry development since two decades and the conclusion from 1 million individual backers is to pledge to get the game they want to play.

Kiss my money good bye? I have hundreds of games on Steam, many on Uplay and Origin. That what happened with my money: good bye. Far to be exclusive to space game lol
Difference is that SC provided already in Alpha hundreds of hours and way more to come. Best money good bye vs entertainment in a + 2 decades of gaming :)


Your points may be valid, they may not be valid. Time will tell.

But, I would certainly recommend not throwing out statements such as “. . . uneducated comments . . .” while displaying the writing quality that you have shown.

Joe Blobers

LOL and the funnier is that you totally understand in which context I used uneducated (in game development and finance).

My English is good enough or bad enough if you prefer to pinpoint naysayers behavior.

Writing quality does not change the fact no Nasa computer is needed or that 45$ pledged to get SC is one of the best ‘investment’ in terms of $ vs entertainment :)