Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis shares details about the game’s personal shop

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With a planned release for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis this year, fans of the game are no doubt eager to understand more about how the game’s changes will work. The latest dispatch on the official site details the game’s personal shop, which is your primary means of reselling items to other players within the game. Only items obtained within PSO2:NGS can be traded via the shop, with items from the original PSO2 being unavailable for trading.

The personal shop will only exchange items for N-Meseta rather than any other currency, with sale prices being charged a 10% commission fee on sales. There will also be minimum prices set for items based on considerations of the in-game economy. Information about sellers will be available to those with specific titles, which is apparently a feature meant to avoid RMT activity. Check out the full rundown on the official site if you’re curious about anything more; it’s perhaps not the most exciting bit of news, but it is a preview of what’s coming next.


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