Elite Dangerous answers player questions about handheld weapons in Odyssey


One of the keystone features of the Odyssey expansion of Elite: Dangerous is the addition of FPS combat, so naturally players have some questions about how weapons in the game will work. A number of those questions were raked in by Frontier Developments and answered in another weekly Q&A post.

First off, there will be some weapons that do damage to ships — specifically rocket launchers and grenades — and damage against unshielded ships should be “significant.” As for weapon types, there will be rifles, rocket launchers, SMGs, pistols, and shotguns, each of which can be enhanced with attachments and Engineering. However, once a weapon has been modified, it can’t be modified further; players can have multiple versions of the same weapon, each with different modifications, but will only be able to carry a limited number of weapons with them depending on the suit they wear. More information about weapon types will be shared soon.

The Q&A also confirms that every weapon will have ironsights (with scopes available via Engineering), that players will be able to drop ammo and grenades for their friends to pick up, that everyone will start off with a sidearm from the get go, and that there will be no melee weapons though there will be a melee attack available.

source: Steam

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It does feel wrong to me that hand held weapons can effect ships this way. Maybe these missiles and grenades could take out a fighter but a sidewinder or bigger? That doesn’t feel right.

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However, once a weapon has been modified, it can’t be modified further;

I guess the right to repair (or change) doesn’t exist in the future, either : (

Vanquesse V

“ID-tagged soldiers carry ID-tagged weapons, use ID-tagged gear. Nanomachines inside their bodies enhance and regulate their abilities.”

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