SWTOR’s update 6.2.1 is finally live with updates for conquests, amplifiers, and uprisings

As promised, Star Wars The Old Republic has finally rolled out update 6.2.1, which was originally delayed from its planned mid-February launch thanks to the devastating storms in Texas. Most notably, this update tweaks conquests, amplifiers, and uprisings.

“All Uprisings are now available at level 75 with a rebalance of their difficulty and the time they take to complete. We’ve also increased all of the loot drops for all Uprisings […] In addition to the changes to Uprisings, we also modified the current Amplifier system for added clarity. These changes include a reorganized user interface (UI) into a tree-based view and a better visual distinction between Amplifiers, including an additional color to designate Standard Quality (White). We’re also introducing Quality Locking and a Weekly Cost Reset to give players greater chances to obtain the Amplifiers they want!”

Here’s to hoping future updates will be more substantial, as following the demise of the Anthem Next development team last week, BioWare promised that it would be working to “strengthen the next Dragon Age, and Mass Effect titles while continuing to provide quality updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic.” Yes, we’ll take that, thank you. More quality updates, please. That is the thing we want.


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Last time SWTOR got extra hands because of another game being cancelled we got 3.0 and then KOTXX.

Hirku Two

The new character sheet UI is even worse than the screenshots suggested. I’m not going to keep playing with this junk.

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> “… while continuing to provide quality updates to Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

This interesting phrasing has led many to believe that SW:TOR will continue to get as little attention as ever.

The bigger story is the latest UI disaster that they foisted on their players despite a huge outcry. Clearly the minimal attention policy allows only their F- grade devs to work on the game.

Meanwhile the new Community Manager that seemed rather promising has gone radio silent after two months.



Glad they were able to get the update out. I can’t blame them for the delay, with all that was happening.

Hopefully they’ll do some work on their hellaciously broken most recent flashpoint next.