MapleStory previews the upcoming Spring Blossoms update, complete with cafe and Mechanical Hearts


Spring has not yet quite sprung into MapleStory, but it’s soon to spring away with the game’s upcoming Spring Blossoms update coming in the near future. There’s even a whole preview page showing off everything coming to the game with the new update, including all three seasons of Mechanical Hearts being available at once. That coincides with unifying all the seasonal shops into one store, allowing players to purchase rewards for a unified Aspire Commemorative Coin currency.

Players will also be able to visit the new maid cafe, with special awards awaiting players who befriend baristas and help out with the tasks of running the cafe for everyone’s enjoyment. Add in a revamp of the Zipangu region and a return of the game’s Legends and you should have plenty to do once the update springs onto the live servers. There’s not an official date given just yet, but it should be very soon.


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NeedMoreLoot .

I saw this and realised how much i miss maple story 2… Admittedly barely played that much but still