Guild Wars 2 nerfs meta-achievement requirements, calling it ‘prohibitively costly’


Good news to those of you who have been beating your head against the meta-achievement grind for the Icebrood Saga’s Champions chapter in Guild Wars 2 — your life is about to get a whole lot more easy.

ArenaNet admitted that the former requirement for players to finish all collections for the meta-achievement was “prohibitively costly” and is making adjustments to it. Today’s patch is going to both reduce crafting costs and make it easier to fulfill requirements for said collections.

“We wanted the final meta-achievement tier to be an optional bonus challenge round, but we miscalculated the full scope of the requirements,” the studio said. “We’ve been reading and discussing your comments, and we don’t intend for future meta-achievements of this type to include requirements that are very expensive or that are intended to be long-term goals.”

Source: Guild Wars 2

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Krzysztof Czajka

Do you remember that fervid censer (a flower on your back) that you could earn by collecting samples in Southsun Cove? Or karka shell? Branded backpiece? Mawdrey? Antitoxin injector skin? Do you remember when you would earn nice looking stuff just by playing the game? No hours and hours of grinding or having it hidden behind 1kk gold that is inflated just because you can convert gold to gem. Nowadays, if it’s nice then it’s either from gem store or blocked by countless hours of RNG grind or gold, usually both. This some Gamigo level greed. Feeling old yet?


I swear, it’s like a leader of one of the teams, or one or two people, since I don’t know what their living world teams are like these days.

Back in LW4, I think it was, it was like clockwork, with respect to metas. They had 3 LW teams, and it was fun-fun-wtf. That was the cycle. Whoever came up with this last meta was the leader or prominent member of Team WTF. 😁