Multiplayer survival shooter Generation Zero teases base building and base defense in April 27 update


It was only a matter of time before those pesky human survivors in multiplayer survival FPS Generation Zero got all organized and started harboring thoughts about resisting their robot invaders. The game’s next major update, which is being appropriately called Resistance, is arriving to PC, PS4, and Xbox One players on Tuesday, April 27th.

Other than word of this update’s launch date and the promise that “what is coming is not a skirmish, it’s a war” in the related sizzle trailer, information is a bit on the sparse side, but players can look forward to base building, home base defense encounters, world revamps, and new threats to face as the game’s clock ticks forward from 1989 to 1990.

For those who aren’t familiar, Generation Zero bills itself as a co-operative survival shooter where players can combine weapons, skills, and equipment to lure, cripple, and destroy a host of invading robotic menaces, while also promising a large open map where solo players or teams of up to three can take on missions and challenges. At the time of this writing, the shooter has a “Very Positive” recent user review score on Steam and is enjoying a pretty serious population spike over the past 30 days.

sources: Steam (1, 2), Steam Charts, thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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I kind of like the eerie desolation of singleplayer in this, and there is definitely an air of anxiety playing it as you have to cover large distances outside constantly and getting caught in the open against the machines is really bad news… lending into that whole short dash from one building to another. it’s kind of cool in that regard.

Base building will be a nice addition, I do like to have my own homebase in these sort of survival games and I am very much someone who likes to build in games in general.

Dug From The Earth

Single player is super slow and kinda dull

Multiplayer goes like this

Join random game (thats the only option)
Find yourself in a game with people much higher level than you…
In parts of the map that you cant even get to
End up playing solo despite there being others in your game.

So my recommendation… have a friend or two you plan to play the game with and its probably an enjoyable experience.


Interesting. I remember having this on my Wishlist before it came out… and then removing it when the launch reviews said it was kind of dreadful. I guess they’ve kept patching it since then, to get the Steam score back up to the Positive level.