Star Citizen plans more persistence, outlines dev on alpha 3.13 as CIG buys new office space


Yesterday, we reported that Star Citizen was going to have a lot to say this past Wednesday, and sure enough the devs at CIG certainly did.

We’ll begin with the alluded-to ‘highly requested’ features added to the roadmap, which sees development focus on persistent hangars (which also feeds into changes to the cargo gameplay loop by allowing players to pack their grids manually), persistent Habs (the game’s term for habitats) to give players their own little space, the ability to sell items from personal inventory, and a “generalized loot system” that offers goodies players can find in containers and lockers that can be sold for cash. Work on these features has seen other things hit the back burner, such as updates to bounty hunting, updates to the prison, and racing at GrimHEX.

Eagle-eyed fans have also been scouring the roadmap for additional items of interest, like a new cluster of asteroids that could house rare materials, a space whale, backpacks, boat movement parameters (Boat Citizen, anyone?), a mobiGlas app that lets players handle calling ships to landing pads and paying ship insurance, and delivery missions to dangerous locations with damage-sensitive cargo that must be protected from outlaws trying to destroy it.

The development updates continue in the March 2021 monthly report, with many devs working on fleshing out alpha 3.13. The post also notes work on the Hercules, an unannounced new ship, a gatling gun weapon, and a new security system that allows AI guards to identify when a player enters a location they don’t have permission to, letting enemies act accordingly without the need to give players a CrimeStat.

Finally, CIG is making some business moves as well thanks to a 10-year lease agreement for 3,000 square meters of new office space for the Frankfurt team at ONE office and hotel tower, which is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by early 2022.

sources: official site (1, 2), Reddit (1, 2), ONE Frankfurt via Reddit, cheers Mothballshow and Quavers!
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