EVE Online highlights how industrial players provide the fuel for the sandbox MMO’s wider wars

Never have space spreadsheets looked so sexy


As any player of EVE Online will tell you, waging galactic-sized wars in the game requires a lot of resources — especially when those wars rage on for 41 weeks. It’s the job of the industrial players of EVE to keep that war machine fueled and chugging, and those efforts were highlighted by CCP Games in a flashy new video.

The video is narrated by a CEO of a five-player industrial corp in the game that specializes in manufacturing and delivering fully-fitted ships in bulk. The player in question references how World War Bee — and especially the Massacre at M2-XFE — turned both a tidy in-game profit for the corp and a number of interesting gameplay elements for the corp’s players, while also noting how industrialist players like him are the reason events like World War Bee can happen in the first place.

In other EVE news, the game is selling a new Omega status bundle, offering up 12 months of Omega time for 5500 PLEX, which translates into an extra free month of premium account time. Just in case any Capsuleers out there have some extra PLEX burning a hole in their pocket.

sources: YouTube, Twitter
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