Path of Exile exploit banwave hits one of the game’s main streamers, furor over accessibility ban caused by a troll


Today in “garbage members of the Path of Exile community” news, we’ve got a couple of unfortunate instances to report from the multiplayer ARPG. First off, a number of players have been banned from the game due to an exploit in Ultimatum that allowed them to generate excessive rewards. Among those 20 players was Empyrian, a streamer of the game that players will recall was among those given priority queue access when the Ultimatum update went live.

Secondly, we have the story of a POE player who claimed to have been banned from the game for using macros out of necessity due to a disability. The claim caused a community uproar and even caught the attention of Able Gamers COO Steven Spohn, but shortly after that, the player in question stated that it was all a lie, supposedly started as a way for the player — who claims to be “an educator” — to teach a class about the ease of spreading misinformation. And then the explanation post was edited to claim that the player’s Reddit account was hacked. And then the post was deleted completely.

While these matters are certainly disgusting for the wider POE community, we can perhaps take comfort in the fact that the trash has been taken to the dumpster and the devs can carry on with fixing the latest League’s launch.

sources: Reddit, PC Gamer via Kotaku, thanks to Pepperzine and Arktouros for the tip!
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