Classic Guild Wars is about to turn 16 years old and the party has begun in Shing Jea


If you want to get absolutely technical about it, Classic Guild Wars doesn’t officially turn 16 years old until Monday. But if we waited until Monday to remind you, you’d miss this weekend of festivities because ArenaNet has already turned them on and the party has already started its annual rollout in Shing Jea Monastery.

“Another year has passed and we’re ready to celebrate the enduring legacy of Guild Wars. It’s time once again to throw open the Shing Jea Boardwalk, rev up the Rollerbeetles, and don our party hats for a week of festive fun lasting from 12:00 p.m. Pacific (UTC -7) on April 22 to 12:00 p.m on May 6. This anniversary party is packed with a number of great rewards, gifts, and activities!”

Both the official site and (to a greater extent) the official wiki offer run-downs of what to expect if you’re thinking about dropping by. But unless something has changed dramatically, you’ll be doing the usual co-op missions, unlocking your hound, rollerbeetle racing, farming booze and sweets, and soaking up the fireworks at the boardwalk.

Happy birthday to one of the greatest MMOsyeah I said it – ever. (Hey Anet, I’d love to take my kids through this game at some point, but $40 a pop for a 16-year-old maintenance mode game is kinda steep when you gotta buy two more, and that’s before you even consider stuff like the BMP or storage upgrades or cosmetics or or mercs or character slots and on and on. I bet I’m not alone! Consider doing a sale on the bundle, will ya? Maybe in the lead-up to End of Dragons?)

Source: Official site, my own two eyeballs

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I actually reinstalled it like a year ago and still have it, made a new char, completed all the main missions, read through all the quests (I was trying to do all of them), but the lack of character development made the whole process kinda boring. I don’t think I changed my items even once after getting the best weapon/icon.
Also, since the last time I quit before Eye of the North, I wasn’t aware of all those instances that were added but to this day, I’m not sure what is the purpose of them.
But even now, it is still my 2nd most favorite mmorpgs out there.


Always a very pretty game, but so limited in scope and not a very good ‘MMORPG’ at all. Very grind oriented on silly little maps and, as a result, quite boring. I’m surprised it still goes on like it does.

Portus Magnus

AHAHAHAHA nice joke

Chaos Engine

People nowadays often forget the MMORPG landscape when GW 1 was developed.

There was UO, EQ1, AO, DAoC, SWG, FFXI, Shadowbane, Lineage 1+2 and that’s pretty much it. Even the wave of free to play MMOs from Asia (initiated by Silkroad Online, Cabal Online etc. around 2005) hadn’t fully begun yet, with only a hand full of titles in the western market at that point.

In that kind of landscape, launching pretty much simultaneously with EQ2 and WoW, GW1 promised to be the first MMORPG without a subscription fee. Even though it didn’t even want to be an MMORPG: Arena.Net called it a “CORPG” (C as in Competitive).

Cheap AWS servers weren’t a thing back then either, so much of the game was created with the mindset of keeping maintenance costs as low as possible.

Obviously times have changed. But for its time, the original Guild Wars was a revolution and a masterpiece. And I still think a modernized version of this concept could still be a wildly popular title today.

Also: GW1’s PvP was second to NONE.


Im quite sure “CORPG” is for Co-Operative RPG.
To top poster: It was only a grind if you wanted all titles, you got fast to max level (20)

Chaos Engine

No, Arena.Net clearly named the genre Competitive Online Role Playing Game.


From their own wiki
“Guild Wars is a CORPG, or Competitive/Cooperative Online Role Playing Game”
So we are both right

Jim Bergevin Jr


Bruno Brito

Very grind oriented on silly little maps

UO, EQ, Priston Tale, Flyff, Lineage 1/2, Vanilla WoW.

It’s actually funny you mention this when most games at that time were the same.