Destiny 2’s proposed transmog system is out to punish you for looking fine

Destined even further.

Close your eyes and imagine a cosmetic transmog system for a looter shooter like Destiny 2. Not too complicated, right? Now open your eyes and behold the convoluted and grindy system that Bungie is proposing.

In a perfect example of a studio over-complicating what should be an engaging and streamlined, Bungie has come up with a transmog routine that involves four levels of grind just to use the armor design that you already acquired. It’s so bad, in fact, that this system is drawing near-universal criticism from all quarters, with media outlets calling it a “parody,” “confusing,” the “worst of all possible systems,” and “a grind-in-the-ass.”

Particular ire is being given to the transmog system’s apparent push to get players to spend money to avoid all of these steps. Oh, and you can only transmog a limited number of items per season. Maybe it’s time to go back to the drawing board on this one?

Source: Destiny 2
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