Dual Universe talks up its community as players hold an in-game sci-fi convention


Dual Universe is feeling particularly appreciative and thankful to its community in the game’s April newsletter, which circled back around articles and postings from the past month including the three part dev blogs about the game’s future, updates on self-tech support features, and a variety of spotlighted creations from the playerbase in both picture and video form.

On the subject of the game’s community, players of DU have put together an in-game sci-fi convention that kicked off this past Friday with a couple of events. The fun continues to roll forward between now and Wednesday, May 5th, with other events like PvP battles, weekend races, an in-game mixer, auctions, contests, and the launch of a Death Star. The whole affair is being held at Obsidian Landing, while players who are looking to attend can register here.

The company has still not fully addressed who currently owns and controls it after turmoil back in April. The developers recently shifted the game’s launch window to at least mid-2022.

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