Star Citizen discusses development work on improving radar, scanning, and pinging


About half of the visual information taken in while flying around in Star Citizen is with your eyes and the other half is done via radar, scanning targets, or sending out a pulse or “ping” to find areas of interest. While those functions are certainly operational in the game currently, there’s definitely room for improvement, which is being outlined in this week’s Inside Star Citizen video.

In terms of radar, there’s plans to have each ship effectively transmit a bubble of influence, meaning smaller ships can hide within a fleet of larger ones and not be immediately visible on radar until someone flies close enough. This also works for the game’s gas clouds as well, obfuscating radar signatures when flying through clouds. In-development scanning improvements will yield more granular details about objects or ships that are scrutinized such as cargo contents, whether someone on board is wanted, and other such details. Finally, pinging will soon allow players to see the rough size and direction of entities within a ping’s “blob,” and if the strength of a blob item’s signature is high enough, its contents can be scanned.

The latter half of the video features another sprint report that provides updates on rooms, emergency drop-off areas, and props for hospital locations; takes another look at gas clouds that cover the jump point between Stanton and Pyro; previews final lighting for ship-to-station docking areas coming in the next 3.13 patch; shares some new refinery NPC outfits and player combat armor; and provides another look at Orison’s habitation platform.

source: YouTube

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I occasionally tune in to streams of SC, all I see them doing is flying around and going on about the newest ship they bought, there’s no actual game play…oh and constant disconnects/errors

Jim Bergevin Jr

But at least it’s not a tired cut and paste job that all those other triple A studios give you. Here you have INNOVATION! You will never get the experience of flying around empty space in a $1000 digital ship like you get in Star Citizen!

Joe Blobers

So you miss 99% of the real content as soon you want to really play what the Alpha do have to offer.
Orgs are doing a lot of events and playing solo or with friends is pretty fun. Crash do happen but not as often as some like to depict… otherwise you would not have 30.000 daily connection by individual players.

For sure SC is not for everyone in its current development state. It is fair to not appreciate as long as you want fully stabilized game with multiple different gameplay and players cap of hundreds… Many do join also to support the project as it keeps adding more.


Checking radar for a release date…
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Ardra Diva

getcha popcorn ready.