Final Fantasy XI brings back Mandragora Mania for its 19th anniversary

It's a tiny little sprout thing. It might kill you.

After 19 years of operation, Final Fantasy XI no doubt finds anniversary celebrations just a little bit tedious. It’s been 19 years! There’s a ton of game to explore already! On some level the game is supposed to be in maintenance mode, even though it’s still receiving monthly updates and more story content! But an anniversary is an anniversary all the same, and this month the game is bringing around Mandragora Mania once more to help celebrate the anniversary.

Players can earn a special Korrigan Pot just by talking with a moogle in one of the three major cities before taking part in the main festivities to earn jingly and spend it for a variety of items. You can check out this guide to the event from the past; it doesn’t seem to have changed much for this incarnation, so it should give a solid idea of what you’re doing as you play. Get that jingly and earn those rewards!


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